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Astronaut Michael E. Fossum

Nasa Astronaut In Space Suit

The guy you are looking at is Astronaut Michael E. Fossum, in this shot he is working on Space Shuttle Discovery's cargo bay.

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Swimming pool under a waterfall

Erawan Waterfall in Western Thailand

This waterfall is located in Erawan National Park, which is a 550sq/km area in the Tenasserim Hills.

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Old street in Britain

Cobbled Street in Norwich

A cobbled street in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

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Red starfish

Red Starfish on Beach

This is a red starfish seen on a beach in Kenya, Africa.

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Flying jet

Arvo Jet

The jet looks like a very impressive bit of kit, and with only 5 ever built it adds to the value of it.

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Little frog

Frog Sits on Leaf

A small frog sits on a green leaf.

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Eiffel Tower in Paris

At the Bottom of the Eiffel Tower

The famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower which is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France.

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Champagne on ice

Champagne Ice Bucket in Kitchen

A bucket of cold ice contains 6 bottles of Chandon ready to be popped.

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Emotional man

Dramatic Mans Emotions

Same man, different emotions. Both somewhat crazy and freaky, but its all in the name of arts and drama!

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Einstein impression

Woman Doing Funny Einstein Impression

Woman lies in the grass wearing comedy glasses and nose looking somewhat like Einstein.

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