Welcome to the website, my name is Chris Satchwell, I'm the manager. I fall into the 'hobbyist' category when it comes to taking photos, but it is a topic I love.

There are millions of stock photos on the web, but there is always room for more, and for better service from the places you get them. I want to provide a rival site for other microstock agencies, differentiating by not focusing too much on having super slick perfect photos, in many situations more unpolished natural ones are preferred. I've been a blogger for years now and often using cliché studio taken stock photos doesn't look good, more natural ones are better.

Despite the vast collection of photos online it can still sometimes be hard to find the ones you want, and often simple photos of objects and everyday things are overlooked. We all love a romantic glowing orange sunset, or tropical island beach, and there are a lot of those files, but not everyone wants those, hopefully here we can fill somewhat of a niche and build a database of photos that on the surface may look boring/average/useless but can actually be much needed. I learnt this when I was a gadget blogger, I wanted a photo of a dusty HDMI cable, so I took one, also uploading it to Flickr. It was later used by one of the top tech blogs, and that was when I realised the potential of the situation.

There is still a long way to go with this website, the functionality is solid, but I am putting in a lot of work to try and make everything about the website brilliant, better then competitors. Perhaps one day it could be so good people use it as a genuine alternative to iStockPhoto, ShutterStock and Getty Images. It will take time but everyone will benefit. If you want to come along for the journey sign-up now to become a user, or drop me a message with how you want to contribute if you have other ideas.

Thanks for taking the time out today to read this, and for being interested in the service. You can also follow on Twitter to keep up with developments.


Coventry, West Midlands
United Kingdom (Great Britain)