The web hosting you need if you are using adult stock images

This is a slightly different article to others on the website but it’s important. With this advice you could avoid getting yourself into hot water.

Everybody who owns their own website obviously needs web hosting. That’s not optional. Lots of providers of the hosting don’t allow content of an 18+ nature to be on their servers. It’s always hidden away in their terms and conditions, that means lots of people don’t actually realise. An easy mistake to make!

Recently we posted this really good guide on where to find adult stock images. Creating that is what sparked the idea for this page! As it was been created their became the realisation that people may use some of the photographs and then unwillingly use them on hosting they aren’t supposed to. So here we go with this!

What web hosts allow adult content

Most web hosts don’t allow you to host anything of an 18+ nature. That doesn’t just include photos and videos it can also be erotic content such as sex stories. For this reason you should NEVER blindly assume you’ll be ok. If you go with any of these hosts then you will be fine because they say you are allowed adult content – provided it’s legal of course!

One of the biggest and most popular choices to go with is HostGator. They were actually the first ever company I hosted a website with! That was many years ago now. I’ve never had any problem and would recommend checking them out.

There are other respectable companies out there though you should also consider. However I’ve never used them myself so I can’t vouch whether they are any good or not. One to look at is Steady Cloud. Another popular company is WebHost.Pro who specialise in the adult industry so you should be in good hands.

What price to pay?

Cheap can be bad
Cheap can be bad
Prices vary between the companies but I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. I would avoid anything really cheap because you generally get what you pay for! If you are a profit making business then these sorts of hosting packages should only represent a small percentage of your profits anyway so I wouldn’t get too hung up on trying to save a couple of bucks. Getting what’s right is more important. Going with a bad host can end up costing you more in the long run!

There are lots of other choices out there as well. If none of those I’ve mentioned suit your needs then you should keep looking. Chances are if none of these are what you after then you might struggle because lots of the hosting companies are fairly similar in the packages they offer.

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