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50×50 Avatars for Online Profiles

If you chat on a forum then it is important that you have a good avatar so people associate with you and remember you. They can also be used on twitter accounts, blog comment gravatars, and any other web profiles you may use. This page has a small collection of simple but nice ones to download totally free. All are hosted on our own server

The dimensions of all of these are 50×50 avatars. And are very small file sizes at only a few of KB. We call this ‘the nature collection’, no prizes for guessing why. Right-click and ‘save image as’ to download to your PC or laptop.

Frozen Ice
Frozen Ice Avatar

Purple Flower Avatar
Purple Flower

Pink Petals
Pink Petals

Orange Flower Avatar
Orange Flower Gravatar


Snow Sky
Snow Sky Avatar

Yellow Flowers Avatar
Yellow Flowers

Yellow Red Flower
Yellow Red Flower Avatar

Blackbird on fence
Black bird on Fence Avatar

Snowy Bluetit
Snowy Bluetit Profile Pic

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If you’ve created some and would like us to distribute them on your behalf get in touch and we can put them on this page and around the web, free of charge. Please make sure they are the correct size, format (JPG) and good-quality before contacting us.

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One thought on “50×50 Avatars for Online Profiles

  1. mackit says:

    What beautiful pictures. I’ve been searching for an avitar that would be right for me. As an older woman I don’t really want to use my own picture on some sites. Occasionally my age seems to act as a barrier, especially in forums. These are perfect for my needs and I have several friends I’ll have to tell about you. They too would be happy to find an appropriate avitar.