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Free Site Content Providers – Update Your Site

A great way to add more depth to what you provide, or to keep things fresh, is to use some scripts which automatically update. They can often be as simple as a bit of code so it should be fairly quick and easy to get live. As for what sort of thing you are after, there is a bit of choice. It can include things like widgets, horoscopes, jokes and games. Remember to not go crazy though, as it is important to have original content and that be the main focus.

Here is a look at some of the best free site content providers. Each listing has our own review come description for each.


A mature site that has been around for over 10 years now. It is essentially a directory of content providers with lots to choose from and very easy to use. Navigate to the relevant category for your niche, choose the service and click the link to go to main site. All sorts of things even covering gambling, maps, sports, tickers, weather and competitions.

Fresh Content

If you want news on your niche website then this service is ideal. You choose the feeds you want to have on your site, and then copy and paste the code. They pull stories from all sorts of sources including Yahoo, Daily Chronical and News Sentinel, MSN And lots of others depending on niche.

The Free Dictionary

Nice little scripts with a few of them even being interactive. Edit the different parameters for each script, copy and paste the HTML provided. Tools include ‘This Day in History’, ‘Famous Birthday’, ‘Spelling Bee’ and quotes. A very trustworthy service as well, you may have seen it come up in Google searches many times, it is a beast of a website.


Incredibly old fashioned looking web design, amazing how times of changed when you think about it. However it is still easy for visitors to quickly use it. Choose the type of content and then click link to go to main site.


Possibly one of the most popular ways to burn time amongst school kids, provided their teachers haven’t blocked it of course! Definitely the best mini games website and it is super easy to include their games on your website, simply grab the bit of code on the particular game page and insert it into your own webpage and it will work fully functional, great for your visitors. Popular games include Tank Attack 3D, Pro Kicker, 8 Ball Pool and Boxo.

Find more good stuff

Not found what you want? Do a search from our search page to find more even more good resources.

Be interactive and keep visitors busy

Alongside using things such as widgets and small catchy noises and free sound clips you can create content which is very interactive and gives the user an experience that they are more likely to remember and it will keep visitors busy. With such huge competition out their on the world wide web it is important to provide something that will get individuals to return. And with fresh updating content and cool songs that can often be achieved. It may take hours of work to put together, but it will pay off as good work eventually does.

If you can’t find what you need here keep searching. Alternatively hire a freelancer to build for you what it is you want. Their is no “secret” to success.



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2 archived thoughts on “Free Site Content Providers – Update Your Site”.

  1. Imagolution says:

    These look like some great sites for anyone who needs content, especially on a daily basis. It would be so much easier to just let the automatic update function do that job for you, too. It’s one less detail to have to tend to each day. I think it’s great to explore these tools and find the ones that work best for your purposes.

  2. Chris says:

    They can help keep things fresh for visitors. Means more time to focus on developing other aspects of the business :)