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Unique WordPress Theme Designs

Here is a page of unique themes which we have created ourselves, all are totally free to download by yourself. Please read about each one and the information included so you know fully about it. Click the preview pictures to enlarge in a new screen.

Casino High Roller

Here is our first offering, click the image to see a bigger pic, below it you will find more info and options to grab it for yourself.

Preview Link

This lavish design is for those who blog about casinos or gambling in general. Perfect header image showing off the high rollers, with a strong dark blue background with a pattern fitting of the top casinos.

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Horoscope Heaven

Our second creation is for those in the mystical world of horoscopes, further details below.

For those who like to blog about the 12 signs of the zodiac! Soft lines and fonts to complement the subject and give a real mystical feel. This is our personal favourite, the colours have a real quality feel and it is a very usable design.

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Winter Blues

Finally we have our winter chiller, take a peek.

Make your visitors spines tingle with this cool design ideal for bloggers on a wintery topic! A simple 2-column layout.

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All Themes

All are valid xHTML, fixed width and available in WP. The wordpress themes are widget ready and tested up to Version 3.0. Take a peek at the demos, but remember they look much better when being actually used with real content! Each template has 2 links in the footer, one to ourselves, and another the owner of the header copyright, please leave these in place.

If you think our work is good you are more then welcome to link to the Theme URL or directly to this page, we genuinely appreciate it as it helps us spread the word.
Sorry no user support is provided with these templates. If you run into problems with it we recommend you post your issues on popular webmaster forums or consult a professional.



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One thought on “Unique WordPress Theme Designs

  1. Kale Harmon says:

    These are great free WordPress themes. Thanks for offering them. I really like the look of the red horoscope one, even though I don’t believe in horoscopes. Hah! That header graphic really makes it pop.